Beletage offers you the following services disposed on autonomous chapters, covering the entire range of requirements that contribute to the success of your project, at maximum standards available in Romania and abroad.


The projects realized by Beletage comply with LEED, BREEAM or DGNB international standards, offering our clients a considerable additional guarantee of the success of the chosen project, regardless of the high difficulties raised by the exigencies of your desires and requirements.





Beletage offers the vision of the whole project, with all the necessary steps from the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and conclusion of the building projects.

The Project Management service of Beletage is structured on accuracy and correctness, guaranteed especially by the presence within the company of the German counterpart with a vast experience and expertise in this field.

Beletage applies estimation procedures of all activities in all development stages of your projects, informs the client on the possible tendencies to exceed the assigned budget, or the terms agreed for conclusion. On basis of these findings considerable savings can be made as well as monitoring of all elements involved in the project: cost, duration, human resources, risks, quality, communication, etc.

The efficiency of the activity of the service is materialized by specific documents consisting of planning, coordination, monitoring, control and analysis of the project and by satisfaction of the client, private or company, leading to increase of the personal prestige within the company, or to the development of the own brand and strengthening of the position on the market, in the case of companies.



The consultancy service of Beletage is structured on 3 compartments, pursuing the safety and viability of your future investment:

  • Consultancy
  • Assistance
  • Counseling

Beletage offers real estate consultancy at the acquisition of a real property, new or old, having experience in the detection of possible legal, technical or feasibility inadequacies, which could encumber you investment.

Beletage offers assistance in the election of your investment objective, either real estate or acquisition regarding the modernization of the heating systems or alternative sources, renewable, etc.

The counseling services provided by Beletage make available for the clients the expertise of our specialists who can identify possible issues regarding the objective elected by you, from the technical, legal, city planning point of view, preparation of the files, authorizations, etc.

By the consultancy service, Beletage eliminates the possibility of the beneficiary becoming a victim of a real estate scam of any type: existence of servitudes, placement in a space subject to construction restrictions, etc.



Beletage offers its potential clients complete services to obtain the authorizations necessary for the construction, for any real property acquisition, or redecoration/change of the estimation of the existing space, change of the heating systems, etc.

It is well known that these steps are the most complicated and stressful for the acquirer.

Beletage offers the realization of the necessary documents, the preparation of the file necessary for the obtainment of the authorization to build, and authorization of functioning at the conclusion of the project.

All documents shall be done according to the legal provision in force.


  • Illuminated signs and advertisements
  • Advertising and publicity
  • Banners, flags, totems and scarves
  • Interior modification works for apartments
  • Removal of interior walls
  • Balcony closing
  • Construction of balconies
  • Door opening and facade walls

Fixed prices:

Preparation of architecture files for C.U. and P.A.C.

Banners, flags, totems and scarves from 200 Ron to 400 Ron
Illuminated signs and advertisements 900 Ron
Illuminated signs + file submission and authorization obtainment 1600 Ron
Simple signs or advertisements 800 Ron
Simple signs or advertisements + file submission and authorization obtainment 1400 Ron
Architecture projects for design/modification in apartments from 900 Ron
Project for seasonal terrace from 600 Ron
Project for balcony construction from 1200 Ron



Beletage offers the possibility of studies done previously to an investment, elaborated in a way so as to offer the beneficiary a multilateral technical-economic analysis of the investment. The documentation prepared shall comply with the European guides and norms regarding the preparation of such documentation.

These studies contain:

  1. Pre-feasibility study – this type of study being necessary before the start of a big project and consists in the analysis of the situation of the land and the building possibilities on that particular area, the corroboration of the existing data from the cadaster/PUG/PUZ and the economical, technical and legal factors.
  2. A pre-project –shapes the images and the surfaces for any investment. These projects may be the base for the necessary technical documentation necessary for the obtainment of the authorization for construction or any other type of necessary documentation for that particular investment (PUD, PUZ, interior design, pre-measurements of materials or presentation catalogues of the investments;
  3. Topographic works
  4. Geotechnical study
  5. Various technical surveys and verification of projects according to all legal exigencies;
  6. General sunlight admission study, sunlight admission study for solstices and equinoxes (these studies can be used for the obtainment of the authorization for building or even as proof in the court of law).

Equally, Beletage assists you in the preparation of the necessary files for Cadaster /registration in the land registry /OCPI approval in the case of apartments, terrains, houses or commercial spaces.



Beletage offers you building site monitoring, included in the initially established fee. The law provides the presence of the designing architect on the building site, in certain stages of the work, not only to supervise but to solve unpredicted situations that may appear. By his knowledge, the architect is the most competent person to manage a building site, being directly responsible for it. Therefore we offer you consultancy services for various fields.

We shall periodically ensure inspections of the building site according to the supervision schedule agreed with the client and the state inspection for constructions, as well as building site supervision upon request (site supervisor).

In the vision of Beletage the best choice you may make is to entrust the entire construction of your real property to the architect, this one being the most competent and qualified in the field of constructions.



n the field of architecture, real property construction and design ((interior or exterior) the 3D concept is used to study the aspect, to analyze the structure or to realize a presentation of the architectural object to be sold. The main advantage of a 3D variant of the object is the possibility to visualize of the completed project long before the effective beginning of the building works.

Beletage comes to support your project with the following list of services:

  1. 3D representations- creation of a virtual model of the construction presented in the project. The project itself may contain static renderings (real images generated on the computer) as well as animations representing the building;
  2. The insertion of a 3D object in a real site – creation of a composed image of the area, where it is desired the studied object to be built. The image may contain renderings of the real property and its neighboring locations from various perspectives, the overlapped situation plan as well as presentation animations with that certain ensemble.
  3. Simulation of the lighting conditions – the model is submitted to natural lighting conditions in order to study its image throughout the entire day. This way it is possible to stud the object by day at any hour, as well as by night in various months of the year.
  4. Realization of presentation albums for invertors (office buildings, apartment ensembles/houses, etc.)
  5. Realization ensemble of study models

The main 3D modeling services of Beletage contain:

  • 3D modeling for the exterior of a building
  • 3D modeling for the interior of a building
  • 3D modeling for landscaping works
  • 3D modeling for urbanistic studies
  • 3D modeling for any kind of object