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Privacy Policy

BELETAGE S.R.L., hereinafter generically denominated BELETAGE, in capacity of author, owner, administrator of the website, complies with the private character and safety of the information provided by you when you use this website, including the personal data, reason for which it has created and applied this Confidentiality Policy.

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The confidentiality policy refers to the collection and use of personal information that you provide when you use this site.

According to the dispositions of law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons with respect to personal data processing and the free circulation of these information and law no. 506/2004, regarding the personal data processing and the protection of private life, BELETAGE has the obligation to administer in conditions of safety and exclusively for the purposes specified below, the personal data you provide regarding yourself, a family member, or another person.

BELETAGE undertakes to keep the confidentiality of the personal data provided you, by the website, by filling the contract form, according to the stipulations of law 677/2001 with the subsequent amendments regarding personal information.

According to the dispositions of Law 677/2001 the registered persons in capacity of interested persons, have the following rights:

  • The right to information (art.12);
  • The right to access personal information (art. 13);
  • The right of intervention on the personal information (art. 14);
  • The right to opposition (art. 15);
  • The right not to be submitted to individual decision (art. 17);
  • The right to address the justice (art. 18);

Any information provided by you shall be considered and shall represent your express consent regarding the use of your information by BELETAGE S.R.L. for the purposes mentioned below.

If you do not wish your information to be collected we ask you not to provide them.

If you want your personal information to be updated or removed from the database, please contact us using the Contact page.

Purpose of information collection
Whenever you provide us personal information, BELETAGE may use them for the following declared purposes, if not specified otherwise:

  • To ensure that the website is relevant for your needs;
  • To confirm the services you purchased online and to provide additional information regarding these services;
  • Transmission of offers, advertising and marketing messages.

BELETAGE may disclose personal information to third parties if this is requested by the law or in the cases of good-faith in which these actions are necessary to comply with the legal requirements; protection and defense of property right of BELETAGE and of website.

The use of statistic and anonymous data
BELETAGE may use statistic and anonymous data resulting subsequent to the processing of for the following purposes:

  • Realization of reports/analyses;
  • Realization of information for own purposes;
  • Publication, promotion, offering of BELETAGE services.

Personal data collection
The personal information shall be disclosed without your consent in case of litigations/disputes regarding frauds, competent institutions.